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1. Ephemeral Celerity

Feat: Hatsune Miku
Theme: Summer
Creator: Ribbon
Image credits: 琥夢 (x)
Used: July 2011 – January 11, 2012.
Creator comments: Well, I liked this layout, but in terms of updating it, it wasn't very sustainable or very flexible when it came to development.

2. The Fickle Layout That Couldn't Decide Between Summer & Autumn

Feat: Niou Masaharu, Marui Bunta, Chitose Senri, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Echizen Ryoma, Ryuuzaki Sakuno, Atobe Keigo, Shishido Ryou, Hiyoshi Wakashi, hands, cats.
Theme: Autumn/Fall
Creator: Princo
Image credits: Niou - Emu (Deleted pixiv id 2092602); Hiyoshi, Shishido & Atobe - 日吉若ですが (x); Sakuno & Echizen - エチゼウム光線 by あんこ (x)
Used: January 11, 2012 – June 28, 2012.
Creator comments: You could say this was more of a disaster than a success to its predecessor. LOL. I just really wanted to try making and coding a layout myself—and I really wanted a major change to F-T. LOL. Thankfully, ueuo's bullying to Ribbon allowed us a gateway to major (& better orz) changes.

3. Frozen Canto

Feat: N/A
Theme: Spring
Creator: Ribbon
Used: June 29, 2012 – February 13, 2013.
Creator comments: I don't actually remember how we came about doing this layout. Princo and I were quite certain that we were going to do a spring layout, so I looked up vintage spring photos, and then things just went from there. I liked this layout because it was simple to use (table layouts are easy to make okay leave me alone LOL), but when we got more links it became a bigger issue. Changing the layout also gave me the chance to fix up lots of random errors on pages, so... yeah. I'm glad we had this layout, but I'm also glad to see it gone.

4. Winter Spaces

Feat: Balloon bear
Theme: Winter
Creator: Ribbon
Image credits: Hanyijie/韩一杰 (x)
Used: February 14, 2013 – June 2, 2013.
Creator comments: Probably my favorite layout we've had so far. I loved the banner image, mostly because the drawings were so cute and I had a lot of fun doing the bubbles. But because I didn't have PHP or SSI sidebars, it was a real pain when I needed to edit the sidebars on ALL the pages. That was never a fun time.

5. Monochrome Secret Garden

Feat: Some random girl
Theme: Monochrome
Creator: Ribbon
Used: June 2, 2013 – April 17, 2014.
Creator comments: Probably my least favorite layout. I liked it at the start because it was so clean, but after a while I started really hating it. The coding for it was really cluttery, so I'm glad to see the back of this layout. I did like the "banner" image, though. Too bad I can't remember where we found it, HAHAHA. Seriously though, if you have an Image credits for this, please let us know!

6. Hinata's Balcony

Feat: Cat on a balcony
Theme: 日常 Day to day life
Creator: Ribbon
Image credits: ひなた/Hinata (x)
Used: April 17, 2014 – November 27, 2015.
Creator comments: I also really liked this layout. It might be on par with Winter Spaces, actually — which is most of the reason that we kept it around for so long. After a while, though, the banner image stopped working, and this layout started creating unnecessary problems, so I just decided to make a new layout altogether. I'll always miss Hinata's Balcony, though. /gross sniffling

7. Marisa and the Stars

Feat: Kirisame Marisa
Theme: Night
Creator: Ribbon
Image credits: 恋色を詰めた星屑瓶 by キノコ@男体化NL好き (x)
Used: November 27, 2015 – present.
Creator comments: Literally a spur of the moment layout that I decided to make instead of writing like I should have been. Then it ended up being our actual layout uhm LOL. That's probably why I didn't put so much effort into the graphics, but I did take care to make this layout easier to maintain. Hooray for our first PHP layout! Oh, this layout also went a couple of name changes. I was going to call it Stars in a Bottle, but then I thought that was too obvious. After that, it became Marisa and the Night Sky, and then I decided to rename it to Marisa and the Stars because Marina and the Diamonds appears on my Tumblr dash so freakin' often and I just felt that I should reference it LOL.

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Splash Layouts

i. Darker Than Black

Theme: Catharsis
Creator: Ribbon
Used: August 30, 2011 — Late 2011.
Creator comments: Didn't put much effort into this; just did it for the sake of having a splash. |D I thought it was meh, though. I'm pretty sure the quotes came from Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield, I believe? The theme for it didn't really tie in with the Hatsune Miku summer theme. I felt it was more of a catharsis, going from the darkness to the light. ... Okay, I'll admit, I thought up of that just then /laughs. But it's true. I did kind of like going straight from the dark page to a light one.

ii. Break The Horizon

Feat: Kamio Misuzu (AIR)
Theme: Summer
Creator: Ribbon
Used: Late 2011 – June 28, 2012.
Creator comments: So this was actually the second splash, and I changed it to fit in more with the Hatsune Miku. A friend of mine commented that the darkness of the first layout didn't really suit the theme of the second one (which was summer), so I decided to make one that DID fit. I ended up liking it. I thought it was cute. The blue just hurt my eyes is all, ehehe.

iii. Balloon Flash

Feat: Some girl
Theme: Balloons, winter
Creator: Princo
Used: March 10, 2012 – June 2, 2013.
Creator comments: Just quickly did this since I was bothered by our lack of splash image.

3owl. Perfection

Feat: Tezuka Kunimitsu, Fuji Syuusuke
Theme: Spring
Creator: Princo
Used: Summer 2012 – November 27, 20XX.
Creator comments: What's that? We used this as Ueuo's splash before? Don't be ridiculous; we're not cheapskates.

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Other Layouts

a. Autumn Whitewash

Category: The CCC
Feat: Feat: Jill & Harr (Fire Emblem 9 era)
Theme: Autumn beginning
Creator: Ribbon
Used: July 2011 – June 28, 2012.
Creator comments: A nice, simple layout that was relative easily to code and something that I did quite like. It really was that easy /laughs. I got the idea for this kind of layout from Orisinal, and even thought this didn't turn out like that, I still liked it. If I would change anything, it might be the hue of the orange-ish color. Otherwise, I didn't have any qualms with it. It has a bit of a summery feel from the grass, but the colors make it seem like autumn/fall. I guess it was kind of a transition into Princo's autumn layout, which was a nice, unintentional touch.

b. Blue Ballad

Category: Webmistresses
Feat: Piano
Theme: Midnight/Frozen Time
Creator: Ribbon
Used: July 2011 – June 28, 2012.
Creator comments: This one wasn't really apart of the seasonal theme of F-T. It was more like the theme of Frozen Time; the 'gaps and silences' of the seasons. I suppose you could think of it that way? /laughs. I liked this layout, but it was a real pain to update because it wasn't coded very well. Oops.

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Story Covers


Little People Happy New Year Room Service Writer's Block Small Things Happy Birthday Stars in a Bottle Sewn Clouds Stray Cats & Shadows Long is Better

Image credits

If anyone can give us Image creditss for the Little People cover, the Happy New Year cover and the Small Things cover, that would be much appreciated!

Room Service
"Spilled Wine" by Jingdan Chen | gettyimages (x)

Writer's Block
"?" by LimpidD | DeviantART (x)

Stars in a Bottle
"Bottled Stars Collection" by 13th Psyche | etsy (x)

Sewn Clouds
"Rain Cloud Pillow" by EasyAsPiePatterns | etsy (x)

Stray Cats & Shadows
"Cat and Shadow" by Marcie Feldman | le fotografie news (x)

Long is Better
Deleted Work by 風李たゆ | tumblr (x)

Reactions, Please!
"[39]" by Reika | pixiv (x)

Happy Birthday
"French Vanilla Cake" by Tidy Mom | tidymom (x)


Frozen-Time and all its content, except images and Prince of Tennis itself, is © to Princo & Ribbon, 2011 +

恋色を詰めた星屑瓶 / the colors of love stuffed in a stardust bottle by キノコ@男体化NL好き / kinoko

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