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Interview with Princo and Ribbon

1. Hi, who are you?

Ribbon: I'm Ribbon. I live in Australia, and I mostly write and code the layouts. If it's important to you, I'm a university student and I'm doing a Bachelor of Games. That's all you get to know about my personal life LOL. If you want a profile that will actually tell you something useful about me, I recommend going here.

Princo: Princo, resident DN coder/editor and failed writer. I'm doing my BA in Linguistics & Asian Languages & Culture with a concentration in Modern Japanese right now, and I'll be ~*~graduated~*~ Spring 2017. That's about it. There's not much more to me.

2. Which school is your favourite?

Ribbon: Probably Shitenhouji. Our DN page can't give you any more evidence to support my claim.

Princo: Hands down Hyoutei.

3. Who is your favorite character?

Ribbon: I'm one of those people who tires of favourites easily, but I guess my staple "favourite" is Kenya. He's fun to watch and to write.

Princo: I love everyone so much, but my favorite is probably Yanagisawa Shinya. It started off ironically and then I'm not sure what happened.

4. If you were stranded on a remote island with one tenipuri character, who would you want to be with?

Ribbon: Probably Atobe. His cell phones would have ridiculous coverage, and he'd have a search party looking for us within minutes.

Princo: Oshitari Kenya, since apparently he's fast enough to run on water. LOL.

5. If you got to go out with a Tenipuri character, would with it be?

Ribbon: Yumiko~ I'm just kidding, I can't take a single thing that an elder Fuji says at face value. Well, in terms of similar interests, I guess I'd go for Zaizen because we could sit around all day, blogging and listening to music. ... Though the problem there is that neither of us can cook. I guess in terms of my needs, I'd want to date someone who can cook for me and put up with my shit — someone like Jackal LOLOL sorry Jackal.

Princo: I love chill and funny people, so whoever that is. I'll get back to you all when I figure out who that is.

6. Which character do you think you are most similar to?

Ribbon: /whispers Shuudou Satoshi. Oh, what's that, you want me to talk about relevant characters? That's a shame, I'm not really like a lot of them. LOL. I guess I'm similar to Zaizen in that I love to sit around listening to music, blogging, and I want to date someone who can take care the housework + cook + all that extra work that a stereotypical female is meant to be able to do. But let's be realistic I'm not a very stereotypical female, huh. HAHAHAHA. I don't think I'm as deadpan as Zaizen, though. Damn.

Princo: I'd like to compare myself to someone like Atobe, but I know that's not true. LOL. I'm probably like Koishikawa. Huh? Who's he? WHO IS PRINCO. YOU DON'T KNOW? Exactly... Poor, poor forgotten Koishikawa and Princo.

7. How did you first discover prince of tennis?

Ribbon: My sister started watching it first, and then showed me and I thought it was pretty funny. She got really tired of me asking who was who, though, so I ended up having to watch it for myself. To date, I'm pretty sure I still haven't seen every single episode LOL. IT WAS JUST THE RANKING ARC I SWEAR. HAHA. Yeah, apparently I passed on the obsession I got with PoT to Princo, but I don't remember doing that. LOL. I always thought she just happened to know about it.

Princo: Ribbon kept talking about it and I would be like, "YUP. YUP...YUP. SIGH WHY WON'T SHE SHUT UP. SIGH. YUP. YUP. HAHA. MHM." UH. I forgot if it's because of her encouraging or simply my will to understand what she was talking about, but I watched it. Read it. THEN became a part of fandom. HAHA.

8. What did you like the most about Tenipuri?

Ribbon: The characters and their sense of humor. The original Prince of Tennis was so brilliant /sheds a tear for the original series. I really miss bad quality episodes, physics-defying tennis against threatening schools (LOL LIKE GYOKURIN), street tennis, good fillers, etc. Can you believe I miss the times they actually played tennis, too?

Princo: The characters for sure! That's why I love Houkago no Oujisama so much. (Konomi writes it and someone else draws it, so it's legit.) I really liked the tennis in the original since it was... more... I wouldn't say "real." Something about it is very different from Shinpuri though.

9. When did you first discover dream novels & what made you want to start writing them?

Ribbon: I somehow discovered Endless-Dreamers (which, for some reason, seems to be completely closed now), and for a while I was kind of obsessed with reading them. I don't know what made me get into them enough to write them, though. All I know is that, eventually, I showed them to Princo and we decided to start up a dream novel site of our own. Mostly because other sites weren't really active anymore LOL.

Princo: UH. First discovered Fanfiction, then Ribbon approached me. Then we started talking, then um. I'm not sure. My memory kind of went blank. LOL. I remember E-D and my-neoromance came somewhere in that fuzz though. OH. I THINK I STARTED BECAUSE RIBBON DID AND...I DUNNO. IT'S BEEN A WHILE.

10. When did you first start writing?

Ribbon: Age 10, FanFiction. LOL. My sister introduced me to the site, and I thought it was super cool, so I made an account for myself and got a reputation for changing my pen name every two or three days. HAHAHA. I started off writing really bad Pokemon stories that made no sense, but I like to think I've improved, so... yeah. HAHAHA. I won't say any more; I've worked really hard to repress memories of my earlier years LOL.

Princo: I joined Fanfiction around 5th grade. So...hm. I'm guessing it was after my birthday, so I guess I was eleven. I think I started to write when I was in 6th grade though. Pokemon lol.

11. Favorite genre? Why?

Ribbon: It really depends. If it's a novel or a movie, I'm big into fantasy and adventure, but if it's manga I'm super duper into sports — which is hilarious, because IRL I couldn't throw or kick a ball to save my life.

Princo: I like well-thought out stories. And I like it when you can connect it to other stories. Like a trilogy or series of some sort, like you can be like, "Hey! That was in such-and-such!" Like Ohba's Death Note & Bakuman, Ohba used the same school. I love it when authors include small things like that—to the point I made seperate timelines/worlds for our own dream novels. In terms of genre, I love horror and tragedy—though I myself prefer not to write that selection. LOL. I enjoy writing (and it's probably the only genres I'm capable of writing decently orz) romance and slice-of-life.

12. Least favorite? Why?

Ribbon: Horror. I get scared really easily LOL.

Princo: I don't really hate any genres. I'm willing to give any a shot, but the ones that I tend to bore of more easily and quickly are mecha and sci-fi. I'll enjoy some of them, but it's harder to find ones I'll enjoy.

13. What do your friends think of your obsession with Prince of Tennis?

Ribbon: I've downplayed the fact that I like to watch anime now that I'm in university, so very few of my current friends know about it LOL. I'd honestly prefer to keep it that way LOL.

Princo: None of my friends actually know I like K-Pop or anime, aside from like.. five of my friends, three of who I talk to regularly (yes, one is Ribbon lol).

14. Do you like any other anime, manga, games, etc.?

Ribbon: Shit. Well, like I said, I'm big into sports, so I like Free!, Haikyuu, Ookiku Furikabutte and Diamond no Ace (I'm super into this right now). But I also like fantasy and stuff, so I like Attack on Titan and Noragami. For manga, I really like Arago (Seth is my all-time fave) and Vinland Saga. As for games... I don't know, I'm a fan of Fire Emblem, Breath of Fire and Phoenix Wright. Oh, and Skyrim — but that's like an automatic favourite, right?

Princo: In general, I'm a huge fan of romance, comedy, and slice of life. You can check out what I read/watch on my MAL. (Warning: there is an alarming number of R-rated things on my list that aren't rated R for violence.) As for games, mm. I'm a loyal customer for the Persona, Devil Survivor, and Harvest Moon franchise. LOL. I also enjoy Sleeping Dogs and GTA.

15. Music interests?

Ribbon: This changes so much it's not even funny. My somewhat staple favourites are Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and Tonight Alive

Princo: I like a bit of everything. However, I'm a loyal fan of the pillows, Asobi Seksu, Hoshino Gen, CNBlue, and BAP. I also really like Japanese Hip-Hop and R&B though, and it's a very specific vibe I feel. Here are two if you'd like to give it a try: [達者に生きてる & Tokyo Jazzy Move].

16. Favorite Tenipuri songs?

Ribbon: Ribbon: Damn, I haven't listened to a PoT song in a long time. But my favorites are still the same: Koi no Gekidasa (Tachikiri Tai), Gather (Ao to Bin to Kan), Gouka Kenran (Rikkai Young Kan) and Brand-New Heaven (Seishun Soda). OH AND BANG! BANG!? BANG? (Michiru Fukushi). I also really love a whole heap of OPs and EDs from the original series, but I'll stop myself before I go crazy with links.


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